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We usually will head to Subang when we felt like having Japanese (especially after trying Kinsahi at Jusco Bukit Tinggi, which tasted awful, and pricey-but that was when Jusco 1st opened. Unfortunately, then on, Kinsahi never had a chance to redeem itself).

On that night, we went to Sabi Wasabi, along the shoplots at Bandar Bukit Tinggi 2, opposite Jusco.

We had to move from downstairs to upstairs when the customers seated next to us was talking and laughing like they had loud speaker on. Hehe.

Qi Yao and I posing while waiting to be served

We love the Hakata Ramen, a highly recommended dish. It was served in a meat-based broth, with sliced pork (chashu), dried seaweed (nori), egg. Tasted delicious, and its noodle was also 'springy'.

Hakata Ramen. Price-RM16

We ordered the Nigiri Sushi to Chicken Teriyaki Zen set. A big portion of food for RM30, however the chicken teriyaki tasted so so only. The miso soup was also not hot when served.

Nigiri Sushi to Chicken Teriyaki Zen. Price-RM30

I especially love the Koebi Karaage - crispy deep fried shrimp, and with dash of lemon juice, it tasted even better. It was fried till real crispy, and love the slight saltiness of the crispy shrimp.

Koebi Karaage. Price-RM8

Qi, Yao, Wen - all ready to head home

After dinner, we head home to joined our relatives. My home was filled with people, and at a point, it got so noisy as everyone was busy talking to one another. Nice...^-^

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