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Loi Fat Fat @ Happy Garden

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Before Shereen returns to Tai Chung, a few friends gathered for dinner. As Shereen is bound to miss Malaysia dishes, suggested to head to 'Loi Fatt Fatt' near Happy Garden for dinner.

The dinner the overnight was truly satisfying.

The marmite pork rib / 'pai kuat' was fried till crispy enough, with right amount of fatness, plus with the sweet sauce, we simply loved this.

Marmite Pork Rib

We ordered the sambal '4 Heavenly King' wish combines the ladyfinger, long bean, petai, brinjal - lightly stir fried with chilli, onion and sambal - real fresh. Not bad la, order 1 dish, get 4 different types of vege. ^-^

4 Heavenly King Vege

The asam prawn and squid came with this real appetizing, slightly sourish and spicy sauce was really tip top, and we have an option to include of another dish. As recommended by the 'lady in charge', she included the spring roll combining seaweed and ham. Nice.

Asam Prawn +Squid, and Fried Spring Roll - ham + seaweed

The 'fei chau' / Talapia fish was also really fresh - and love the dash of tomyam taste, and lemongrass - all of us loved this.

Talapia/Fei Chau Fish

Another specialty recommended to us was the fried taufoo with salted egg. Something different. Love the lightly yet evenly quoted salted egg used to cook this. The fragrant of the salted egg smell so good, as we bite the slight crispy yet soft taufoo.

Taufoo with Salted Egg

The gang of 5 - Aloy, the lucky one, being the thorn among the roses. Hehe.

Loi Fatt Fatt

I do not know how to explain how to get here. But few turns away will lead to Taman OUG. Worst to worst, I can be invited to join the makan-makan should anyone needs me to lead the way. ^-^

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