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Decided to drop by Babe's home one Saturday, and for light meal, I decided to make the vietnamese roll. This ought to be the easiest meal to prepare.

A choice of any ingredients you like can be used.

Table filled with food

1. First to have is pack of rice paper - which will need to be soaked in warm water, before we use it to wrap all other ingredients

Pack of Rice Paper. Price-RM2.60 (bought from Jusco supermarket)

2. Choice of any ingredients you like. I had the small prawns, lightly grilled. Prior to that, it was marinated with sugar, soya sauce and pepper.


The chicken grilled - marinated with teriyaki sauce.


Mint leave is a must. The taste of vietnamese roll was enhanced with the minty taste.

Mint leaves

Other ingredients placed into the vietnamese roll was the lettuce, cucumber, meehoon (boiled). There goes an easy light meal to prepare.

The sauce - water mixed with fish sauce, sugar, lime and clove of garlic.

As a 'bonus', I also cooked up the simple, mushroom, saute with lots of garlic and parsley.

As additional 'bonus', Jay made this really simple salad. Peeled crabstick, mixed with mayo and wasabi. This tasted really good. This can be eaten, wrapped in lettuce.


Overall, satisfying and simple meal.

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