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Vegetarian @ My Home Sweet Home

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Dung Dung Chang, Dung Dung Chang, Dung Dung Chiang Dung Chiang Dung Chiang. Gong Xi Gong Xi. May all goes well this year of tiger..and somehow, this year, I feel especially blessed.

Our usual during 1st day of CNY is to have vegetarian lunch, cooked by my mom.

Part of the family - my mom, dad and younger bro

Other part which includes Yap and Kiaw

My mom is truly a super cook. She used to tell me that she can't cook before married, and see what a marriage does to some woman. Cooking skill improvised!!

My mom

Needless to say, everything taste good on that day.

Vegetarian sweet and sour fish

Mixture of vege


Another mixture of vege, with macadamia nuts

Vegetarian Prawn

A simple lunch, followed by many many meals during CNY. Yay!!

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