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Hakka Republic @ Menara Hap Seng, KL

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For CNY, and post Valentine, ought to find a restaurant with nice ambience, to celebrate the occasion (always thinking of excuses for fine-dining).

Before dinner, was at babe's home, and was labeled to be 'cam-whoring' - just because I took a few self-snap shots as I can't resist this corner, with the shades of the evening sun, shining through the curtain, right onto the the cherry blossom, tucked at the corner of the earthy tone colored wall.

This is the corner I was referring to

Babe agreed to my 'proposal' of having dinner the other night at Hakka Republic. What better than taking advantage of the smooth traffic during CNY, to head to town.

This is the way to Hakka Republic. ^-^

The restaurant was rather empty when we stepped in. Love the spaciousness of the restaurant, the typical Chinese feel of it and the different shaped lamp that filled the restaurant.

Nice red lamp decorated each of the table

Hakka Republic is well known for its selection of wine, but we went for margarita the other night.
When I checked with the waitress on what's the sign printed beside some of the menu items, was told that because it's not available. Seriously?? If so, why bother to have a special sign printed out on menu, for unavailable items?

Figuring out what to order

We had some good time snapping pictures of each other, while sipping margarita before our meal was served.

Margarita 1+1. Price-RM48

When we were brought our salad, there was a strong aroma of the grilled prawn. It smell soooo good. We just love this plate of salad, fresh crunchy organic romaine lettuce, with homemade caesar salad sauce, plus the prawns (quite generous la, total about 6).. The prawn tasted so good, that it made the overall salad tasted especially good.

Romaine Lettuce with Prawns. Price-RM25

The other main meal that we really love was the aglio olio with seafood. Though it was a rather small portion of the angel hair served, this plate of spaghetti was an absolute must-have. It came with generous portion of salmon, squid, prawn, mussel and scallop. Yummy. It has strong taste of garlic, dried chilli, herbs and lots of olive oil. Just love this.

Aglio Olio with Seafood. Price-RM42

The miso black cod fish that we had was really fresh. However, we enjoyed the baby kailan that accompanied the cod fish, and the fish skin even more, as it has the smell good factor in it.

Miso Black Cod Fish. Price-RM55

After the meal, we chilled out nearer to the bar area, with nice view of the KL Tower. The selection of songs played by Hakka Republic is in fact varied, as it jumped from a pop song, to slow rock, to Chinese, to love song - all seem to jumbled up.. Maybe that's what made this place a little more special.

View of KL Tower

Love the striking red wall outside the restaurant, and being a Hakka, ought to take a picture, in front of the 'Hakka' Republic wording. Another excuse to take picture. ^-^

Me & Jo aka Babe

Hakka Republic

Wine Restaurant & Food Bar
Lot 2.05, Level 2, Menara Hap Seng,
Jalan P.Ramlee,
50250 KL

Tel : 03-2078 9908

Url : www.hakkarepublic.com

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