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Lao Qian Ice Cafe @ Malacca

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Was in Malacca recently with my adorable nieces and sis.

For the fun of it, we took the young ones for trishaw ride. Different trishaws were decorated differently, based on creativity of the driver. Impressive.. And above it all, the trishaw actually has a CD player and speaker, and throughout our 10mins ride or so, it was playing Michael Jackson's songs - "Beat It" and "Billie Jean".

Yao, Me, Sis and Qi, on the beautifully decorated trishaw

Aren't they cute? Yao & Qi attempting to show the 'peace' sign

Before leaving Malacca, wanted to have a bowl of cendol, and the nearest to where we were, was the Lao Qian Ice Cafe, located inside San Shu Gong building.

Inside San Shu Gong. Business was real good

As most other restaurants selling cendol was selling at the range of RM2, felt RM5.80 for a bowl of cendol with durian is a little expensive. Minus the pricing factor, we really didn't find it good. It was a real ordinary bowl of cendol, which was real sweet, and with the hard texture of the 'cendol', it made me felt like I was eating some partial frozen cendol. The only special part of this bowl of cendol is the durian shaped holder.

Disappointed with the bowl of cendol, my sis went to shop around 'Sam Shu Gong' and after sampling the white coffee, she continuously tells me that it was realllly good. Bought packs home to drink. *<>*

The Durian Cendol that doesn't taste good. Price-RM5.80

Lao Qian Ice Cafe (inside
San Shu Gong Building)
33 Lorong Hang Jebat, Melaka
Tel : 06-282 8381


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