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McD Prosperity Burger @ Take-away

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McDonalds has always been a brand close to my heart.

Its the time of the year where the Prosperity Beef and Prosperity Chicken are available, for a limited time only.

My stomach was 'hitting-drum' (ta ku translated to Cantonese, which means real hungry) on the afternoon of Christmas eve, thus when I was nearing Centrepoint drive-through, thus, grabbed a Prosperity Chicken for myself and a Prosperity Beef for Babe-Jo.

Prosperity Chicken-waiting to be unwrapped

While I was busy taking photos, babe aka Jo took a few bite of her Beef Prosperity Burger

Lots of black pepper sauce

Another shot of Chicken Prosperity Burger

I suppose different people has different POV on this prosperity burger, either one will love it or hate it. For me, I have not missed eating Prosperity Chicken (I don't take beef) for the each limited time it is sold, since the last few years. I just love the juicy chicken patty dipped in black pepper sauce, topped with onion, tucked in sesame seed bun (sentence copied from McD's site.. keke).
Though I do find the overall black pepper sauce overwhelming, I still liked this.

Babe suggested to add mayo onto the burger.. it actually tasted good, eaten together.

Mayo with Prosperity Chicken

Me, enjoying each bite of my burger

After eating the burger, I was going around babe's home to take photo.
Babe joined me in this picture - reflection of us from her dining table. Hehe.

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