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Blue Pumpkin @ Siem Reap

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Upon a short walk at Old Market, we can't wait to stop by for drink/dessert, due to : 1st - we were tired after having to wake up at 4am, to catch flight to Siem Reap during the morning, 2nd - the hot & humid weather. Blue Pumpkin was the 'target' for our drinks - the highly recommended spot.

The girls - busy shopping

Got excited when spotted the Blue Pumpkin.

Blue Pumpkin from the outside.

Excitement continued on - had to pose with the 'giant ice-cream cone'

Cosy seating area, before reaching the upper floor

Climbed straight to the bed sofa seating... So comfy. ^ -^

Rina, me, Janice

The stretch of bed sofa seating area

Choice of bed sofa seating, and chairs

BC, sipped the coconut drink right away - quenching his thirst . Price-USD1.75

This was part of what we ordered. The chocolate cake with icre-cream, vanilla red berry shake, and the tiramisu. The chocolate cake was so moist with slight crunchiness on the sides, and eaten together with ice-cream, 'yummylicious'. The drink was good - wasn't too sweet, however the tiramisu, was a little dry.

Chocolate cake with ice-cream.Price-USD3, Tiramisu-Price-USD2.50, Vanilla Redberry Juice.Price-USD2.75

Too bad we didn't have the chance to have a proper meal at Blue Pumpkin. We returned to Blue Pumpkin on few other occasions throughout our trip - for ice-cream and pastry. One thing is for sure, the business is so good. They have good crowd all the time.

Inside Blue Pumpkin - Lower Floor. Always full with customers

Yummylicious ice-cream

Blue Pumpkin - Old Market Branch
365 Mandol 1,
Svay Dang Kum,
Siem Reap, Cambodia
Tel :
(855) 063 963 574

Business Hours : 6am-10pm daily

Free Wi-Fi

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