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First day meal @ Siem Reap

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Upon checking in to our guesthouse(at around 9.30am local time), we decided to walk around, in search for food.

Since it was extremely humid, we settled for this air-conditioned place (restaurant cum groceries shop (pictured on top left). Surprisingly, the seafood soup noodle was quite tasty.

As for the 1st restaurant which the driver took us, it was local food, and all tasted alright (not too good, nor too bad, either). It was our 1st time trying the ever famous amok fish - in green coconut, which was steamed fish with green, peanut and coconut milk.
Total bill that came up to USD22.50 for 4, I thought the price was quite reasonable. And after eating at few more restaurants in town during the next few days, this meal was actually higher priced than the rest. What to do, as the drivers has their perks (free meal) for bringing tourist there.

1st row : 1st meal - Soup Noodle. Price-USD2
2nd row fr L : 1st proper restaurant we went to. Fried chicken with khmer spice. Price-USD4.60
3rd row fr L : Amok fish. Price-USD4.90, Spring Roll-USD4.50

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