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Koulen II Restaurant @ Siem Reap

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We were recommended by the driver to dinner at Koulen which serves buffet - international and local food, at only USD12 per person. And to top it all, there will be the Apsara (Khmer classical dance) performance.

When we reached around 7.30pm, the restaurant was jam packed with tourists. From what we gauged, there could be close to 500 people (if not, more). All tables were taken/reserved. Lucky the driver made reservation for us.

There were really big spread of food - ranging from international and local food. I especially love the spring rolls, and soup noodle (I had 2 bowls!! despite being so full).. I think overall, the food here taste good and worth it for the price we paid.

The spread of food

The first out of the few sessions of Apsara dance performance, which started around 8pm.

The beautiful apsara dancers

Rina, BC, Me & Janice - 'stomach full-full' after the buffet dinner

Opportunity to take photographs with the apsara dancers, after their performance ended

The next day, the owner called the driver to check if we have paid our bill. And of course we did. And the next question was, if we could recognize the staff that we paid to. And well, of course not, due to the many staff working there. Wish we could help, like the police investigative show, in pointing out the suspect. Hehe..
The driver then explained that this happened 'occasionally' due to the big number of staff working, which he may have chose to keep in his own pocket. Sigh!

Apart from that, it was an enjoyable dinner.

Koulen II Restaurant
No 50, Street Sivatha, Mondul II,
Svaydangkum, Siem Reap,
Kingdom of Cambodia
Tel : (855) 12 897 105 / (855) 92 630 090
Email : koulen_rest@yahoo.com

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