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Jol Moi @ Siem Reap

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One area not to be missed when one is at Siem Reap is the Pub Street. We were so spoilt with choices when comes to food. Throughout our trip, none of the meals has really failed us, and we were pleased with most of the meals we had.

For lunch, we explored The Alley (road just behind Pub Street), and were attracted by the simple set up of Jol Moi, and the 'attractive' price which seemed to be slightly lower than the other restaurants we came across.

Beer which included Anchor is only at USD0.50 per glass.

The Alley (behind Pub Street)

The restaurant was really packed, and we had to wait few minutes to get our table. And we waited real long - about 30mins for our food to be served, however, it was dishes worth waiting.

Inside the restaurant

Delighted to find a drink by the name of 'Klang' (I'm a Klangnite) in the drink list

If I am to vote for my utmost No 1 salad it has to be this vermicelli salad. Coupled with the fact that we were all real hungry, we really felt this tasted soo good. The sourish sweetish sauce that comes with this plate of salad, combining squid, prawn, onion, capsicum, carrot, peanut and basil leave - yummy.. I wish I can be back to Siem Reap to taste this again.

Vermicelli Salad. Price-USD2.50

The tom yum soup tasted really good. The spiciness of tom yum soup - the aroma of lemongrass, basil, seafood, thickness of the soup - slurrppping the soup away till the last scoop.

Tom Yam Seafood Soup. Price-USD3

Quite a unique combination - taufoo and eggplant. Stir fried with onion, and the special Khmer sauce, this was another 'thumbs up' dish.

Eggplant with Tofu. Price-USD2.75

The loc lac chicken - one the popular Khmer dish was stir fried with sauce consisting of lime juice and black pepper. Tasted superb.

Khmer Loclac Chicken. Price-USD3

Jol Moi is the best discovery that we had during the trip. They were opened for just 3 weeks+ at the time we were there. Ahh...It was so good that Janice and I had to return there the next day, for a bowl of soup noodle. Though it looks a little like maggi mee cooked with seafood, the texture of the noodle was actually real 'springy' - love it... and the soup broth tasted so good, with strong taste of sweetness from vege and seafood.

Seafood Noodle Soup. Price-USD

The fish spa is real popular in Siem Reap, for there is a fish spa operator in almost every other corner. And we think its quite smart of the operator to rent a space from Jol Moi. After eating or while waiting for food, customers can treat the fishes with dead skin on their feet.

It was my 1st fish spa experience. Couldn't resist the such cheap price of USD3 for 20mins. It was extremely ticklish for the first few minutes, and after that, it felt kinda cute, to be nibbled by the fishes. Result - extremely clean feet *<>*, and set for long walk for the rest of the day.

Thumbs up for the fish spa experience, and it was reeeeaaallly cheap too

Jol Moi! aka 'Cheers!'
(right behind Le Tigre de Papier)
The Alley (off Pub Street)
Siem Reap, Cambodia

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