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FCC @ Siem Reap

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Beautiful lotus is spotted all around Siem Reap. Just love the beautiful lotus that blossomed.

Beautiful lotus

Passed by FCC few rounds when we went around Siem Reap. Thus, headed there the afternoon before heading home. Love the serendipity feeling when stepped in the restaurant.

Beautiful reflection of tree

Ordered the angkor twist and fruit shake to quench our thirst.

Angkor Twist and Fruit Shake. USD3.50 each

For light meal, we ordered the spring roll. It tasted alright, with sweet sourish sauce that spurs our tastebud.

Springroll. Price-USD5

The tomyam soup was special of the day, and love the strong taste of lemongrass used to cook the soup.

Tomyam soup. Price-USD4.50

FCC Angkor
Pokambo Ave
Tel : 063 760 280

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  1. abby says:

    breath-taking photos =)