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Sudu @ KL Hilton

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I meet up Cass for semi-buffet at Sudu, KL Hilton last week, to take advantage of Cass's membership card.The semi-buffet offers choice of a main meal from their menu, and unlimited serving of appetizers, other food and dessert from the spread. Price will be based on item ordered from the main menu. 3 selections are made available for each of the differently priced main meals - RM99, RM119 and RM129 which are further subjected to 15%.

I chose the slow roasted salmon with oyster mushroom and asparagus whilst Cass opted for the roasted lamb, with stir fried vege and peanut sauce. Both priced at RM119, each.

As it will take 20mins for preparation for the main course, we started our dinner with mushroom soup - which tasted really good as can taste its made from fresh mushroom, fresh prawns,baby octopus and oysters (topped with caviar) - the size of oyster was just nice, not too big, and absolutely fresh. Good start to our dinner.

Mushroom Soup

Oysters, Bamboo Clam, Prawns and Baby Octopus for sharing

The slow roast salmon was roasted till really soft, and served together with risotto. Somehow, I do not quite fancy how this was done, as it felt a little too soft. Guess this way of preparation doesn't quite suit me.

Slow Roast Salmon

Cass loved the lamb. Doesn't have the too strong taste of lamb.

Roasted Lamb

Though I was complaining to Cass that night on how my pants has gone tighter, which signals that I should be going on diet, I in fact did the opposite by going for a few rounds of food. Hmmm... However, we weren't tooo greedy, for we only took ala sampler size of some of the preferred items from the spread.

Sampler Plate.. hehe..

The fresh seafood and assorted caviar

Cass absolutely loved the aromatic coffee - she had 2 cups, and me being really really full, managed to slowly sip, and finished 1 cup too. We ended the semi buffet with bite-sized desserts, and 2 'mini' scoop of ice-cream.. Hmm..

Me & Cass. Cheers Cass.

Pleasant evening. The price that came up to about RM150 after discount was a little high. Thought it wasn't quite worth it should we need to pay full price.

As patrons to restaurants, we were entitled to parking voucher of RM6 for first 2 hours. Our both parking fee combined came up to RM32 - wa liau... that's the price to pay for 'lepaking' at KL Hilton.

Sudu, Hilton Kuala Lumpur
3 Jalan Stesen Sentral
50470 Kuala Lumpur


(My actual visit here : 071009. Thanks Cass for dinner)

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