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Kura @ One World Hotel, PJ

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To gather a bigger group of working adults, especially of those from one of the more busy industry - media advertising, can at times be quite a task. "Special" effort is made for special occasions like birthdays.

This is what the early birds do - Me, Candice & Suan, using timer to snap self-shot

Yack yack & yack, to kill time, while waiting for the others

The last 3 of the 11 people - arrived late, yet in style.. hehe..

Last Thursday, a gang of ex-colleagues gathered at Kura, Japanese restaurant at One World, to celebrate birthday of 3 special ladies - Jo, Suan & Rina.

After all the 'kaki' arrived by around 8.45pm, it was time to do the ordering. Imagine the 'noise-pollution' by 1o ladies and 1 man attempting to order. At the end, managed to settle for few set dinners, rolls and some side order.

All of us loved the food here.By ordering a few dinner sets, rolls, ala-carte order of fried oyster and salmon head, our table were totally filled up, once the food were all served.

The stamina roll was one of my favourite. The big slice of eel was roasted well, and it being wrapped around rice filled with avocado and omelette roll tasted yummy.

The soft shell crab roll also tasted good, as it was fried till just the right level of crispiness. Salmon head and teriyaki chicken was also 2nd round of order, and salmon head is recommended, as we can taste the sweetness and freshness of the salmon. Teriyaki chicken tasted just alright.

From top left clockwise : Stamina Roll. Price-RM32,Spider Roll. Price-RM22,
Grilled S
almon Head. Price-RM15, Chicken Teriyaki. Price-RM18

Overall the dinner set was good. We took a little of each from each set, and we had a little of everything. *<>* I liked the fried oyster, as it was coated and fried really well, and the batter sticked on well to the rather big sized oyster.

From top left clockwise : Rokkaku Bento, Price-RM65, Sashimi to Yakizakana Zen.Price-RM45,
Part of the Kura Maru Bento, Price-RM85, Fried Oyster-RM25

From left : Sushi to Chicken Teriyaki Zen. Price RM45, Sukiyaki Beef Set.Price-RM42, Sushi Set

Since it was 9pm+ when food were served, total silence at 1 point, with all busy filling up their stomach.

Dinner turned buffet style - go around to get what you wanna eat

We ended the dinner by singing birthday song for the birthday girls. And this cake was really good, called the Mango Yoghurt cake from Cake Sense.Like the taste of mango, spongy cake texture, slight creamy taste and with the right level of sweetness.

Mango yoghurt cake from Cake Sense.Price-RM26.90. Just a nice size, and price was just nice too

Just look at the cake. Looked real appetizing

The 3 birthday girls - Jo, Rina & Suan. Happy Birthday Girls!!!??? Ladies!! ?? Woman *<>*

The whole gang : Standing from L : Karen, Casyn, Clarice, BC, Belle, Kristine, Candice and Myself
Seated from L : Jo, Rina and Suan

When we first looked at the price on menu, felt it was rather expensive. However, with the total bill that came up to RM560, thought it was quite worth it, considering the amount of food we had the other night, plus it is Japanese restaurant in hotel wor...

Kura Restaurant @ One World Hotel
First Avenue, Bandar Utama, PJ
Tel : 03-7681 1111

Business Hours :
Mon-Thu 11.30am - 3pm, 6pm-10.30pm
Fri, Sat, Sun 12nn-11pm

Pork Free

(My actual visit here : 011009. Total Bill-RM569)

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