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Aun Kheng Lim @ Ipoh

Posted by Sherlyn K On 12:17 AM 2 comments

Each town has their specialty - and one of Ipoh's specialty is the salted chicken.
Asked a local friend previously, and he highly recommend the salted chicken from Aun Kheng Lim.

A whole salted chicken cost RM16. Not too bad compared to price we have to pay for chicken when dining outside.

I have always love salted chicken - but just that I do not know where to find good ones in Klang Valley.

This herbal chicken steamed with rock salt, and then baked under the rock salt was simply delicious.

After keeping it in fridge for 3 days, it still taste good.

The shop from the outside

Their "picture gallery' - of artistes, or program host that have been to Aun Kheng Lim

The process of baking the chicken with rock salt

Aun Kheng Lim
24 Jalan Theatre,
30300 Ipoh, Perak

Tel/Fax : 05-254 2998 (can also call to order)

Business Hours : 11am - 6pm

(My actual visit here : 150809 & 270909)

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2 Response for the "Aun Kheng Lim @ Ipoh"

  1. Anonymous says:

    This salted chicken is a ripped off. It does not taste anything like salted chicken one come to expect of a? Salted Chicken. If one wanted Herbal Chicken then maybe this is passable .. but marketing it as a Salted Chicken? it's a total ripped off.

    The salted chicken you find in KL's pasar malam tasted more like salted chicken than this.

    The Real Sek Sen.

  2. Lovinlife says:

    The Real Sek Sen,
    In that case, salted chicken from which pasar malam would you recommend? Perhaps you can share, and I look forward to trying it out.. *<>*