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Funny Mountain @ Ipoh

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Ipoh is a real food heaven. My last visit to Ipoh was 2006, and has been planning to go Ipoh for makan-makan trip ever since. Had the opportunity to go twice in the last 1 month, 1 during mid Aug, and 1 just yesterday (made an impromptu trip).

This little shop by the corner of the road is so popular, and is never short of customers. Its location also allowed Funny Mountain to offer 'drive-thru' facility where drivers can just be seated in their car, and the drinks/tau foo fa will be delivered to them in the car.

Funny Mountain, across the road

Visit in Aug : Aloy and I (don't even know why this 'cool' pose come about)

Visit in Sep : Me (somehow always with 'weird' expression when having tau foo fa) and Janis, the cheery one

Constantly busy

Love to have my tau foo fa, together with soya bean drink. Love the combination of smooth tau foo fa, and the slight coldness of the soya bean drink. The tau foo fa is just so smooth that it seemed to just glide through my mouth.

Tau foo fa with soya bean drink. Price-RM0.80

No matter how full I am, this is something that can't be missed, since I've came all the way to Ipoh town.

Funny Mountain (since 1952, and they also cater for private gathering & function)
49 Jalan Theatre,
30300 Ipoh, Perak
Tel : 012-516 1607
Contact : Cliff Tan

Email : funnymountain@hotmail.com, soyaboy@streamyx.com

(My actual visit here : 150809 & 270909)


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