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Restoran Chin Seng @ Ipoh

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I ended up in Ipoh last Sun, an impromptu plan which came about while taking photographs at Kuala Kubu. What the heck. Life is short - "Just Do It".

Was a little sleepy that afternoon, after having to woke up so early, and luckily I have Janis, the "younger" one to drive all the way to Ipoh. Hehe..

She took me to Taman Ipoh Jaya, to have noodle and yong tau foo.

Upon reaching Restoran Chin Seng, appetite was boost up upon looking at the variety of ingredients available. Each was combined with their home-made fish paste.

Yes, yes, yes - take this, this, and this too. Greedy..

Won't go wrong if you see this lady at the stall

Once the fried items are served, can smell the aromatic-ness of fried taufoo, suikow, beancurd skin, and one fried stuff that was made of 'sengkuang'. It was unlike the usual yong tau foo that I've tried as the crispiness and the strong fragrant smell that came out of this yong tau foo was simply better than those I've tried in the past.

RM0.60-Rm0.70 per piece

A bowl of kuey teow soup to go with the yong tau foo items

RM0.60-Rm0.70 per piece

Behind the coffee shop, was some of the items filled with fish paste prepared, ready to be sold. They all looked so appetizing. Wish I have bigger capacity stomach to fill them all.

The fish paste combined with cuts of carrot, black mushroom and spring onion makes it even pleasing to the eyes.

Black mushroom with fish paste

Tau foo pok


Chilli and fish paste. Chilli - RM1.20 (was told chilli is expensive nowadays)

Restoran Chin Seng (near Billion pasar raya)
Jalan Rokam 11, at Pekan Gunung Rapat
Taman Ipoh Jaya

(My actual visit here : 270909. Total Bill - RM8.60)

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