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Popiah at Shereen's home

Posted by Sherlyn K On 1:05 PM 0 comments

A group of friends were invited to Shereen's new home sweet home 2 weeks ago. Her mom bought some popiah skin and served us with lotsa & lotsa ingredients - dried beancurd, beansprout, long bean, cucumber, carrot, sweet turnip, vege, seaweed,black mushroom, fried egg, peanuts... some of these are being fried, boiled, or cooked. The spread of food on the table got us really excited, to 'create' our own popiah.

In addition to these, we also have the vegetarian chicken drumstick, served with mayonnaise.

Such serving of food is a good idea when come to serving friends or family, as you won't need to worry about it getting cold. *<>* Good idea when I next have gathering at my house.

The wide selection of ingredients to go in the popiah.

We paused a little before we began taking the ingredients, that's because way too many choices. Each of us took a little of each ingredient, and though we thought it was JUST a 'little', we did had a little difficulty as well in wrapping the popiah. Some of us wrapped as though it was roti canai.

Waiting to be wrapped

Took a bite before snapping a picture of my creation. The popiah skin was just sooo 'thin' and 'soft'

We had a really simple, yet satisfying dinner. A big thanks to Shereen and her mom whom has feeded us well that night.

Apa lagi.. Thumbs up maximum *<>*


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