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Cendol Klang @ Klang

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A piece of 'sengkuang' and a bowl of cendol used to be what I have, every afternoon, perhaps when I was around Standard 3. I just couldn't give this a pass, while hanging out at my dad's medical hall.

This cendol owner whom used to sell just from his motorcycle has years ago upgraded himself to a shop.

Brought Shereen here to try on a bright sunny Saturday afternoon, when she was in Klang.

The Cendol Klang, just next to Hai O

Maybe its all in the mind, but some what the bowl of cendol I tried when the 'Ah Neh' sold to us direct from his motorcycle seem to taste better. I like chunks and chunks of melting ice in the bowl of cendol, and the thickness of the coconut milk. I felt that this bowl of cendol was a little too sweet.

Can't wait to taste the bowl of cendol

After dentist appointment, don't need to worry about having the bowl of sweet cendol

The cendol was real smooth, and the big red bean used was really soft. This bowl of cendol tasted good, though a little on the sweet side, as it comes with quite generous scoops of 'gula melaka'. While paying, there are some customers that were ordering cendol kurang manis... I thought this applies only to the drinks at mamak.. hehe..

A bowl of cendol. Price-RM1.60 (if I'm not mistaken)

Cendol Klang
Next to Hai-O, Jalan Nanas Klang


(my actual visit here : 080809. Total bill RM3.20)

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