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Cupcake Chic : Happy Birthday

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Was at dinner last night with some ex and current colleagues. After the dinner, had some cupcakes in celebration to mine (actual date : 30 Aug) and Clarice's birthday (actual date : 31 Aug).

This cupcakes were from Cupcake Chic from Pavillion. No matter how it taste, once I look at the beautiful combination of colors, I already went 'oooohhhhhh........'. Frankly I just love anything full of colors *<>*... Just like the sight of this colorful cupcakes, and also the colorful candles.

Beautiful cupcakes

There are combination of various flavors - chocolate chips, cookies & cream, peacan, carrot walnut, etc. A little sweet, but love them.

From Cupcake Chic, Pavillion

As much as I enjoy eating around, 1 of my many wishes this year is to not gain weight. Hehe..

Separately, I do look forward to learnings that life offer. Cheers to life, and another year of birth day.

Enjoying the cupcakes

Me & Clarice - our few days earlier birthday celebration

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