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Were at Ipoh with Shereen and Aloysius last 2 Saturdays.

The restaurant from outside

By the time we got to this chicken rice shop, we were close to starving. Everything will taste good anyway, but but... was told by the local that this is the best chicken rice shop. Can't wait to try.

The many chickens to be sold

While anxiously waiting for our food to be served, can't help to notice the quite good/cool looking guy, that chops the chicken. Time for us girls to cuci-mata.

A side profile of "the guy"

Beansprout in Ipoh is well known, for it is slighty "fatter" and cleaner. Each bite was crunchy.

Plate of beansprout

Asked Aloysius to intentionally pose, eating 'taugeh'. Shereen can't help but to laugh

Pork and fish ball. Standard taste

The plate of chicken - though looked really greasy, it doesn't felt so. Can feel the tenderness of the chicken, and somehow, the skin did not taste 'geli'. Was really good. This shop sells only steamed fresh, and not roasted chicken - therefore all chicken has to be really fresh.

Plate of steamed chicken

Shereen always love dried noodle, whilst the rest of us went for the kuey teow soup. My god. The kuey teow was just so fine and smooth.

Bowl of kuey teow

The 3 of us - Shereen, me and Aloysius

Will definitely come back here again to eat, the next time I'm in Ipoh.

Restoran Lou Wong Tauge Ayam Kuetiau

Jalan Yau Tet Sin

(My actual visit here : 150809. Total Bill-RM35.80)

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