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Was in search for food around KL one of the night in May (this is a long overdue post). I was in a way thought of claypot chicken rice. By the time we drove around and spotted this claypot chicken rice stall opposite Rex at Petaling Street, can't help but to stop to fulfill our appetite.

Ordered claypot chicken rice for 2, and this is one of the really good claypot chicken rice. They are all cooked with charcoal fire. The boss was cooking all this on his own, plus filling up the charcoal, fanning the charcol fire - he is a really tough man, for the fact that he has been doing this for the last 26 years. This bowl of claypot chicken rice comes with rather lots of ingredients - ginger, well marinated chicken, salted fish, lap chiong and spring onion. Yummy. Worth the wait.

Claypot chicken rice. Price-RM18 (RM9 for pax serving)

Separately ordered just the claypot chicken. Can taste the chinese wine used to cook this dish. Real tasty.

Claypot chicken

Lettuce with oyster and soya sauce

Watercress soup

The boss at work

Total bill came up to RM45
(thanks EL for dinner).

Claypot chicken rice

(opposite Rex Cinema, just after McD)

Business Hours :

* Non-Halal

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