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Memphis Bistro @ PJU1A, PJ

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I love it when friends suggest dining places that I've not been. During 1 of the Fridays, had the pleasure to meet some friends from overseas.

Not knowing what to expect when we followed his car, we find that Memphis's location is rather secluded, and is hidden within rows of unoccupied shoplots. However, at the end of the dinner, I must say that I am delighted to discover a restaurant like Memphis.

The owner - KJ Tan must be a real fan of Elvis, for his restaurant is named after Elvis's Graceland Mansion in Memphis, and of course with posters of Elvis seen displayed on the walls, enabling us to relax in the country western ambience.
KJ Tan started Memphis upon retirement from his job as the main chef responsible for Genting's F&B outlets for the past 25 years, and with such record in hand, I am not surprised by the standard of food served here. From seeing him in action, in the kitchen and him sharing on the meticulous process in getting the best quality of ingredients, this is 1 chef that is truly passionate with what he does.

And lovin it even more when the ordering is handled by Mr Loh, whom dine at Memphis whenever he returns to KL, and he certainly knows exactly what to order.

We were first served the escargots.This baked 'snails' were really good, and just love the garlic and butter that comes with it. Yummy.

Escargot 1/2 dozen. Price-RM18.50

The mushroom soup I had isn't just the ordinary home made mushroom soup. The thickness of this soup - makes me feel like I'm having some 'dong sui' as its just so rich and creamy. Simply delicious.

Forest Mushroom Soup. Price-RM8

We were lucky for that night the goat soup is available. On usual days, this may be served upon "reservation" subject to availability of goat. This is the first time ever I tried such unique soup, which combines real tender meat of a young goat, onion and spinach. The soup tasted like the typical Chinese soup, with sweetness that comes from all the ingredients within.

Goat Soup. Price-RM15

The fries is also a must-have here, as it taste better really good. I enjoyed every bite of the fries, tasting the freshness and originality of the potato.

Love the portobello mushroom that is baked with tomato-basil coulis and gratinated cheese. Each bite of the mushroom filled with the slightly sourish tomato and cheese, and add on with the softness with the mushroom, this is another must-have. All in all, the escargot, the soup, fries and this mushroom really set a good start to our dinner that night.

Grilled Portobello Mushroom. Price-RM9.80

Mr Loh recommended me to try out the spaghetti oriental chili prawn. This is a rather unique spaghetti I've tried, as the chef use the hainam chilli and chowder to cook this. It has this tangy taste, slight spiciness, and served with 3 king prawns cut into halves. And this is a real big served, recommended for sharing.

Spaghetti Oriental Chilli Prawn. Price-RM28

The rib-eye steak took by 2 other friends were swept clean, and was told that the meat was really tender, and taken together with the mushroom and LP sauce, this is just simply delicious. Btw, Memphis also serve the top grade wahyu rib-eye at RM160, and was told that this is way cheaper than what is served in hotel.

Rib Eye Steak. Price-RM46

This is a house specialty dessert which is an absolute must have, the hot chocolate Lava cake served with vanilla mixberries ice-cream. Once you cut into the chocolate cake, there is indeed 'lava' of chocolate melting out. Take the 'lava' , together with the cake, plus a sip of coffee, and this ought to be the best ever tasting dessert.

Hot Chocolate Lava Cake. Price-RM10.50

Non pretentious, relaxing environment. Can tell that most customers are regulars, and after trying out, bet you too will be a regular *<>*

Quite a quiet neighbourhood, yet Memphis does have good crowd patronizing it

For the amount of food ordered, the total bill came up to RM303 (Thanks KC for the dinner). I must say that the dishes here are reasonably priced, and real value for money, considering the quality of food served.

Map to Memphis

Memphis Bistro

D6-7-G, Blk 7, Pusat Perdagangan Dana1,
Jalan PJU1A/46, PJU 1A,
47301 PJ
Tel : 03-7843 6818

Business Hours :
12.30pm-10.30pm (daily except weekend where they are open for dinner only)
Close on Monday


(my actual visit here :

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