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Kissaten @ Jaya One

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The upper floor of Kissaten in fact is a rather cool place to hang out. What else to ask for when from here, we can overlook the stars in the sky, with lights litted up, and breeze of fresh air once a while. One of their main drink sold here is the Paulaner, beer from Germany.

Cool place to hang out

Inside of the restaurant which is a totally different atmosphere from upstairs

My babe friend - Jo had glass of the Paulaner, and me tried out the Choya. I like the Choya served with soda, and plum, and 1 glass is the max I could take.

Choya and Paulaner. Price-RM18 / RM26

Stacks of Paulaner. Highly popular here

Me & Jo

Jo ordered the teppan mushroom burger steak which was really tasty, and we end the dinner drink night with a scoop of Haagan Daz green tea ice-cream. Yummy.

Haagan Daz Green tea ice-cream. Price-RM8.90

Having been here quite a number of times, this is in fact a good dining place, and also a happening drinking place. Chef Chung whom has worked in Japan for more than 10 years is surely a well experienced chef, for he had came up with the entire menu, which in fact some are rather creative creation.

L12A-1-1, Palm Square,
Jaya One
Tel : 03-7954 1990

* Non-Halal

(my actual visit here : 260509)

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