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Kinnaree @ Jaya One

Posted by ijustwanaeat On 3:37 PM 3 comments

I can't wait to blog about Kinnaree for the total opposite reason from me having enjoyed a meal here. Alice, a long lost friend whom I got in touch recently through facebook, happened to be having dinner at Jaya One, while I too had appointment with another friend. Thus, dropped by to meet up with Alice before my dinner. When she told me she's chosen to try Kinnaree, I wanted to tell her no, as I've been there when they were first opened. I didn't enjoyed 1 bit my lunch during the 1st visit, however, I thought to myself, what about a 2nd chance.

For this matter, I was proven that 2nd chance is really not required. And somehow, I can't seem to relate how they could have gotten award and quotes from some publication complimenting the food here.

The best thing I felt of Kinnaree is the really nice ambience

Alice was joined by 2 of her friends, and having ordered the dishes, she insisted I had some share of it while waiting for my friend. None of what I was served the other night satisfy my taste bud.

The most basic dish that needs to be of standard of any Thai restaurant has to be its tom yam soup. Eagerly trying out the soup, this tom yam prawn soup was wrong from the very first sip. It tasted a little less plain than plain water, added with spiciness, which went through directly to my ears and stomach.

The pandan chicken was ordinary tasting, and not aromatic at all.

The fish tasted alright. Fried till really crispy, topped with Thai chilli sauce.

Can't go too wrong with kangkung.

Simon, Alice and I. Thank you Datuk for being our cameraman.

I doubt I will ever return here for another meal. For this meal we had, the total bill came up to RM183, which is totally not worth it. (Anyway, thanks Datuk for the dinner).

Kinnaree Thai Restaurant

12-1 Palm Square, Jaya One,
72A Jalan University, 46200 Petaling Jaya
Selangor, Malaysia.
Tel: 03-7957 3910 / 014 688 9098(Natalie)
Fax: 03-7957 3920

URL : kinnaree.jayaone@thaiinspired.com


(my actual visit here : 260509)

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3 Response for the "Kinnaree @ Jaya One"

  1. Visu says:


    i was kinda shocked when reading this post!

    well, one day i should try Kinnaree (and i may have the same comment...) :)

    anyway, have you heard about BestFoodJunction?

    you can share your review there, and i am sure many will be interested!

  2. Hi Visu, This is of course my personal opinion ya. However, should you too try it out one day, do share your experience with me, to see if we have the same view or otherwise. ;-)

    K- will check out BestFoodJunction. Thankius..!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Agree completely, not sure how they could even win the awards, the only things I could think off, either they made all the awards up, or they had bought the judges up with $$....Very disapointed, I love thai food so much, and yet, this is the worst thai food restaurant experiences I ever counted, made me want to stay away from anymore good thai restaurants recommended by magazines, they can't even get any simple dish done right, their sauces are terrible, stay away, don't waste your money and time.