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Ampang Yong Tow Foo @ Jalan Imbi

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Ever since Eric brought me to Ampang Yong Tow Foo (he has been a regular customer for years), this ought to be 1 of our favorite yong tow foo - Joe's Ampang Yong Tow Foo at Jalan Imbi, located at the side of Honda Showroom.

During the hour we were there on the particular Friday evening, we saw that the flow of customers to Joe's stall was literally non-stop.

Bowl of fresh sui kow paste & fish paste

Joe serving his regular customers

In total, Eric and I ordered 8 spring rolls, 1 sui kow, 2 fishballs, 2 ladies finger, 2 dried beancurd/'taupok' and 1 chilli. You will know why the spring roll is their best selling upon trying it. The beancurd skin wrapped with sufficient fish paste, is fried till real crispy, and the fish paste tasted really good after deep fried. The rest of the ingredients tasted just as good.
Upon trying a few other yong tau foo around town, the soup that comes with the non-fried stuff does make a difference, and Joe's prove to the best, as it isn't too watery, and quite tasty too.

Real appetizing Yong tow foo. Price-RM0.80 per pc

Joe's yong tow foo isn't just popular amongst the locals here, and in fact, its popularity has gone beyond Malaysia where his yong tow foo has been featured in a Japanese program, Japanese magazine, Singapore program - 'Hou Sik Hou Chue' and also Malaysia's own programming - 'Ho Chak'. Boy, he must be really proud with his 'secret recipe' to this delicious tasting yong tow foo.

For the size of the yong tow foo and the amount of fish paste within each piece of ingredient sold, I feel that it is reasonably priced at RM0.80 per pc.

Joe with his big smile

Variety of the yong tow foo sold

Behind the stall with Joe

Upon seeing quite a good crowd of customers at the kuih stall behind Joe's, we were curious on how tasty the kuih is, thus went to order 4 different types of kuih - kuih lapis, talam, yam cake and kuih sago to try. Just love the traditional tasting kuih.

Kuih. Price-RM0.70 per pc
Ampang Yong Tow Foo
Jalan Imbi, next park Honda Showroom
Tel : 016-2212 549 (can call Joe to pre-order/big quantity of order)

Business Hours :
6-9pm (or while stock last)
Close on Tue


(my actual visit here : 140509)

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3 Response for the "Ampang Yong Tow Foo @ Jalan Imbi"

  1. this is a must try yong taw foo....best la u shirlyn..being a food traveller around klang valley...hehehe..

  2. U kan boleh buat benda yang sama jugak.. ;-) Selain dari makan-makan, wat else la yang kita boleh buat kan.. keke..

  3. malvin says:

    oh is it true there is a prob wif seating there? as in the colour of the seats? caus i go there every year and always face the prob of my order being ignored? lol