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Took advantage of the Labour Day for the long overdue 'cooking class' from Dina. She is a really good cook, and thank you "Chef Dina", for the thorough lesson given to me. Hope I will be able to cook it as well when I do it on my own. All the 3 dishes - fried chicken, mashed potato, spinach with milk plus a salad took only about an hour, which includes preparation and cooking.

Dina imparting cooking tips to me, while I am paying close attention

The main dish I've been longing to learn from her since I tried it 3 years ago was this fried chicken.
With Dina's permission, I am sharing the recipe in my blog. The recipe is indeed really simple, yet super duper tasty, and the chicken came out really moist.

Flour, egg & breadcrumbs

Fried Chicken
1. Marinate chicken breast with salt, for about 15 mins. (drumstick can also be used, however, breast meat cooked easiest with this recipe).
2. Dip in flour (the normal flour, and not self-raising flour).
3. Add a little milk to the egg, beat the egg, and dip chicken to egg.
4. Coat well with breadcrumb.
5. Fry with slow-medium fire.

We had a salad - capsicum, tomato, big spring onion, feta cheese, mixed with vinegar and olive oil. Just love it.

The Salad

The meal that I had the other day was indeed 'first-class'. Mashed potato was good, if not better than those I've tried in some restaurants, and the spinach cooked with milk, a real unique dish which I've not tried anywhere else so far.

Mashed Potato, Spinach with Milk, Fried Chicken

I had such a lovely afternoon - great lesson, yummy lunch, and wonderful company *<>*

Me & Dina with our thumbs up - and trust me, it was really good!!!


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