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Though I stay in Klang, town famous for bah kut teh, I do not take bah kut teh regularly. There will be a period that I feel like having bah kut teh way so often, and certain period, not at all.

This is one of the bah kut teh place that my family go real often, as its at Taman Sentosa, which is near to where I used to stay.

Ah Meng Bah Kut Teh only serve bah kut teh in claypot. The taste of it the bah kut teh soup is rather mild for Klang bah kut teh standard which is famous for thickness in the soup.

The claypot bah kut teh - ordered the 'suay-kuk' - flesh from the small bone of the pig, and it also comes with button mushroom, taufoopok, and 'fu-pei'.

Claypot bah kut teh

I just love the rice

Inside the restaurant

Cili padi that goes really well with the bah kut teh.

Cili padi

I come here so often, that somehow, I forgot to take its address for blogging purpose, but for those that are familiar with Taman Sentosa, this restaurant is just behind KFC. And the bill for 2 person came up to RM20.


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