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Last week, my buddy, Audrey, took me here, since Vincent who came from Singapore was craving for Aik Yuen's hokkien mee. This restaurant is really popular for its hokkien mee, and its a corner shop located behind Tawakal Hospital.

This restaurant is really quite packed with people, and after tasting the food, I would have expected a bigger crowd actually.

The cooking takes place outside, opposite this restaurant

After tasting the hokkien mee in Bagan, this is by far much more tastier - and of course the crispy pork lard helps in makes it even more 'yummy-licious'. The hokkien mee is actually cooked using charcoal, somehow makes it even tastier.

Hokkien noodle. Price-RM15

Ordered the lala, and seems to us that there is only 1 cooking style. The sauce is not too spicy, and with a little sour-ish taste. And this style of cooking is different from what I used to have, whereby it's usually done steam with wine, or kam heong.

Lala. Price-RM16

From the many fish cakes I've tried, this is by far the best. The texture is just right. And we can feel the freshness of fish that is used to make this fish cake.

Fish cake. Price-RM8

Yau Mak. Fresh! Price-RM6

Sambal sauce to go with the hokkien noodle

Cili Padi

This is a really satisfactory dinner, and we 'sapu' all dishes that we ordered.

Unfortunately, did not got hold of the address and contact for this one.
Food served here is non-halal.

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