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Exhibit Cafe @ Taman Tun, KL

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For the past few times, as I was in search of place to go, I will just surf the net, and search for 'nice cafe in xxxx' and this time, I was in search for nice cafe at Taman Tun. , and the post by Eat Drink KL pops up... From his post, I saw this really nice cafe, with simplicity in its interior, that exudes home comfort.

Nailed... Exhibit Cafe, here I come. 

This is as I was walking up the stairs of Exhibit Cafe.

I was focusing my eye on the simple welcoming corner

Once entered, a look to the right... the wash basin and mirror makes me feel like I'm in IKEA. :)

To the cleanliness, thumbs up
When we arrived, its pretty quiet during dinner time on Saturday, but soon after, few more tables was occupied.

Each piece of table and chairs are unique on its own, and customer may choose what mood he/she would like, and choose their most ideal seating or table to suit them.. Hehe..
For those who interested to purchase, one could also do so. Just check with the owner.
Each piece of furniture has its own story, which selection is from the mid-century. Some designs of the furniture existed way before I was born.

Nice two seater facing the window view

Over the inner corner

More options of seating

A look towards the back
Some seating may be more suitable for drinks, than to have a meal as the table size and shape may not be too appropriate..
Spot the cute little table
Nice homemade cookies and drink
Exhibit specialize in hand drip coffee, however, both me and Connie wasn't up for coffee that evening.
And for the particular weekend we were there, only 2 food item were available, hmm.. no choice may be a good thing, as we need not decide on anything. Hehe..

From its sandwich & soup set, the option we had was Veggie Sandwich and the clam chowder. With this set, we had a choice of drink at RM5, instead of the original price of RM8 (actual price - TBC).

Raspberry Drink

Just check out how healthy our meal was...  Maybe I'm used to a little feasting especially on weekend, so this is a nice change.

The baguette are partially made in France whereby its frozen dough is flown in to the owner, and they are baked freshly at Exhibit.

The veggie sandwich and clam chowder set. Price-RM23 

The baguette has the hard texture on the outside, with softness inside. Inside was pure vege, tomato. Healthy stuff!
I must say that this clam chowder wasn't quite like I expected but I must say, it does taste good, with the freshness of clams and chunks of potato that came with it. Natural sweetness !
Clam Chowder Soup
A new item on Exhibit's menu is the Chicken Thigh saute with homemade fresh tomato sauce, served with salad. Chicken cooked to perfection, and as long as sauce its not those that comes from can, it has to taste good. 

We shared both the above meal, and not long after meal, we surely can have another bowl of noodle. We are female big eater or what?

Chicken Thigh. Price - RM25
Exhibit does serve a decent selection of cake, but we just felt though the price is reasonable, the portion was way too small, that doesn't seem to entice us enough that particular evening.

For sure, I'll come back during an afternoon to enjoy a cup of coffee over nice chat with friends.

Exhibit Cafe TTDI,
86A, Jalan Burhanuddin Helmi, Taman Tun Dr Ismail, Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03-7731-3311

Business Hours :  11am-9pm (closed on Wednesdays)


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