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32F @ First Subang Mall, SS15

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I have been a real slack in updating my blog, and I can't wait to get back to it.. My time has been totally occupied since the last 2 months, as I started 'working' at 32F, a kiosk, selling shaved ice at First Subang Mall. Within the kiosk, I'm also selling my baked goods, under a co-branding, called 'Sherlyns Little Dream'.

For those who have not been to First Subang Mall, it's located at SS15, Subang Jaya, which is in between SS15's Shell/McD/Mosque, and Hong Leong/BP Healthcare. Some tenants within this mall are Overtime, Library, Coffee Chemistry Signature, Loudspeaker karaoke, Edo Ichi, I Love Yoo, Chatime...

32F stands for 32 Degrees Fahrenheit, which means 0 Celcius ie. freezing point of water. As the business is all about shaved ice, thus the licensor has chosed this name to reflect what the business is all about, ie. at point of ice formation.

Story on the wall, about 32 Degrees Fahrenheit

Here's story on how this kiosk is created

I love 32F shaved ice as it has a really soft, smooth, melts in mouth texture. And what's more, its made from freshest and natural ingredients, and love the taste, that is not as sweet as some of the dessert offering out there.

There are 4 steps to ordering :
1 - dine-in / take-away
2 - choose shaved ice flavor (for shaved ice, option of basic and premium flavors available) and its size
3 - choose 1 free basic topping (for toppings, option of basic and premium toppings available)
4 - sweetness level (level of milk to be added to shaved ice)

32F's shaved ice menu

Some of the shaved ice flavors matched with toppings, offered as Combo

From all the shaved ice flavors I've tried, Mango and Green Tea are my top favorite. This 2 flavors are from the Premium flavors, which cost RM5.90 for a mini, and RM6.90 for maxi, which comes with 1 free basic topping.

Currently, there are 7 basic flavors and 5 premium flavors offered at 32F. There are more flavors that will be introduced from time to time.

Apart from the product, here's sharing some shots around the kiosk.

Preparation in progress, for opening day

This is a shot of how the kiosk looks like, currently.

View from the front

View from the left, with product shots

Seating area, behind the kiosk. Shot during opening weekend.

It was surely nerve wrecking during my 1st few shaving experience.

Full attention required, during the shaving process

Doing final touches on the Mango shaved ice

Here's some shots around the kiosk... I'm only selecting a few of my favorite shots..

Ian posing next to 'Kids Wonderland' product shot

To the very last sip

Me & my Bud

A baby that is just so cute

Lovin the mango shaved ice

Haneda proudly showing off her Mango shaved ice

Who can 'promote' my shaved ice better than Ian? hehe.. He totally loved the 'Passionfruit' shaved ice

Triplets, each with 1 of their favorite (shaved ice above served in Mini take-away cup)

To-date, have received very positive feedback from customers that tried 32F's shaved ice. Come try it for yourself.

We are currently giving out our loyalty card without expiry date, whereby with purchase of 10 shaved ice, 1 shaved ice worth RM4.90 will be given free.

Do LIKE 32F on Facebook.

K-01, LG Floor Kiosk,
First Subang Mall, Jalan SS15/4G,
47500 Subang Jaya
Tel : 010-225 6428

Business Hours :
10am-10pm daily

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  1. Anonymous says:

    hello. My name is Vivian.
    May i know is 32F at First Subang Mall hiring?
    can i know more detail about this?

  2. Hi Vivian,

    Can you drop me an email at sherlyn32f@gmail.com