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Porto Romano @ Mont Kiara

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Passed by this particular Porto Romano outlet at Mont Kiara many times while heading to Solaris. And since we are to look for place to eat around this neighbourhood, suggested this Italian Mediterranean restaurant to Cass. After this dinner, I was recommending this place to few other friends, and found that this restaurant seemed to be missed, probably over-shined by its neighbour, Wendy's.

The traffic was rather smooth, and we managed to be on time, at 7pm for dinner. Having 2 floors seating, I opted to sit upstairs. Though the lower floor seemed pleasing to me, the upper floor was even better. Cosy, romantic ambiance and spacious enough. The business was really good as the restaurant got filled up in next hour or so, and saw quite a fair share of Korean and Japanese (as Mont Kiara is one of THE area for expats).

Inside the restaurant

We first had the salad, and this insalata porto romano salad was filled with fresh seafood, mix of squids, clams, mussels, and prawns marinated in herbs, lemon juice and extra virgin olive oil. The seafood was so fresh that you basically only need very mild sauce to go with it... and after adding on a wedge of lemon and salt, the taste got even better.

Insalata Porto Romano Salad. Price-RM20

Why have only 1 when we can have choice of 4 different types of pizza in 1 pizza? We went for the Four Seasons Pizza, where it allow us to choose 4 different variety of pizza, as long as original price of the pizza is less than the price of Four Seasons Pizza @ RM32. Choices of pizza we had was the mushroom, cheese, mediterranean, hawaiian. This is quite a good idea - at least each of us got to taste 1 slice of the 4 different variety, and I thought this was quite worth the price. The pizza size is huge, and by the end, we had a tough time finishing all. We were really satisfied with this order, as it tasted really good. Love the thin crust - each bite tasted good, and we were pleased with the generous portion of ingredients used. My favourite was the mushroom, and the mediterranean (where it used lots of mushroom and turkey ham, plus mozarella cheese).

Pizza Quattro Stagioni - Four Seasons Pizza. Price-RM32

We end our dinner by trying the Creama Catalana, a spanish dessert similar to creme brulee (meant burnt creme in French). We love this rich custord base topped with contrasting layer of hard caramel. The custard was cold, and with warm caramel. Don't mind having this again.

Crema Catalana. Price-RM12

We chatted and laughing the night away - and without realizing we were seated at this very cosy and romantic corner for a good 4 hours +. We were so engrossed in our conversation, that we didn't realize we were the last table left. ^-^

Good place for candle-lit dinner

Me and Cass, paused for a picture to be taken

Overall, the dinner was reasonably priced, yet with high quality and good tasting food served. Will definitely have more dinners here in days to come.

Porto Romano
28 Jalan Kiara,
Banyan, Mont Kiara,
50480 KL
Tel : 03-6207 8171

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1 Response for the "Porto Romano @ Mont Kiara"

  1. Dogma says:

    i had my dinner there today..
    ambience was excellent and the lamb shank was good.

    however, the staff was mainly part timers and virtually non existent. They dont know how to serve my wine properly and I had to just practically rushed thru the whole dinner.