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Fong Keow @ Taman Rashna

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There are just too many bah kut teh in Klang, and Taman Rashna is one of the more popular area known by those residing in other parts of Klang Valley. For those who stays outside Klang, this is the nearest area to get to, as its not far on the left, after exiting the toll near Bukit Raja.

Tried out Restoran Fong Keow by accident (remembered wrong by friend). Not too bad afterall, and at least its air-conditioned.

Outside of the restaurant

The interior was done with a little jungle feel. And for those who sweats non-stop eating at those non-air conditioned restaurant, this is something for a change.

Inside of the restaurant

The claypot bah kut teh, and the soup has more 'medicine' taste in it. Feels like more 'liu' has been put to cook this.

The claypot bah kut teh.Price-RM10 per head's portion

Apart from bah kut teh, it also served various other dishes.

This restaurant readily supply yau char keow at RM1.50 per plate. Can't even finish.

All in all, this meal for 2 person cost us RM24. We were charged RM0.50 for using their hot water, as we brought our own tea. ;)

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