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Restoran Boston Baru @ Kapar, Klang

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The mention of Boston restaurant to any Klangnite, it should somehow ring the bell. For patrons that looks for good tasting food, not cost you a hole in your pocket, and doesn't mind the environment, this is The restaurant for you.

Important to note, its either you come before they open their restaurant, so that you can be in queue to be their first round of customers... else, be prepared for probably the longest wait for your food to be served. Waiting time exceeding 1 hour is common, and you are lucky if it doesn't exceed 2. 

Despite it all, I still feel the food is worth all the hassle. 

Queue starts 6pm+ 
A common sight 
When they open their door, all those in queue will go around to get their seat, either inside the restaurants, on the pavement across the road, or along the front door of the shoplots (as they close for business). Those who comes after all seats are taken has to be prepared for the longest wait for their food and queue numbers will be given out. All those seated inside will get priority to order. 

I had meal here, probably more than 10 times, and it should have been more if not for the waiting time that most people dread or skip. 

They have a few must orders and their fried noodle does taste above par. 

We ordered their Tapioca Noodles which is made from tapioca starch. The taste of the noodle surely carried the 'wok hei', and love to the see this translucent noodle.They also use pork lard which was so crunchy and tasty and the noodle was perfectly cooked, with the right chewiness. 

Tapioca Noodle. Price-RM6
We ordered the large steam la la.I like how their lala was of the right size, with flesh in every shell. The chinese wine, bird eye chilli and lots of ginger used to steam the lala definitely gave the kick to our tastebud. The fried garlic that topped it was so crunchy and lend a strong aroma to the delicious plate of steamed lala. 

Steam Lala. Price-RM24
I love this cereal mantis shrimp by Boston. The size of the mantis shrimp was just nice, despite that some that were missing solid flesh, however, for those that you can, it has ample flesh for biting. 

The cereal cooked together with egg has a distinctive smell of butter which was divine. It was fried so perfectly that each cereal was so crunchy, sweet, tasty and we almost finish all parts of the crumbs. 

Mantis Shrimp. Price-RM16
 As we end the dinner, all seats are fully occupied, and new line of queue was in place. 

Another common sight 
A day later, I was already craving for the same food, and the food experience indeed lingered in my mind. With proper time planning, cutting on waiting time is indeed achievable. 

A meal that costed only RM50 was highly satisfactory to us. For the quality and price of food, I would willingly compromise with the long waiting time. 

Restoran Boston Baru 
1E, Jalan Kapar, 
41400 Klang, Selangor 
Tel : 016-268 3104

Opening Hours : 
7pm till late (advisable to come prior to opening time)
Closed on Wednesday


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