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One of the most recommended F&B outlet by friends to me of late was the Mei by Fat Spoon where I was told they serve very interesting Japanese fusion food. I had in the past saw recipe book by this 2 sisters that runs Mei, where the recipes shared are beyond the ordinary ones, and they cleverly add different ingredients to add twist to the otherwise could have been ordinary dish. With that, great anticipation surrounded me when I headed towards this outlet last week. 

I somewhat missed the spot when I passed by for the first time as the sign of their name was mainly on the glass door. Much sunshine goes through its glass window by the front and side of the outlet.  A feeling of freshness gushed through me as I stepped in. Just loved the simplicity of the place where they used mainly whites as part of their interior design. 

The outside of Mei by Fat Spoons 

Certainly very packed during lunch time

Drink counter and cash register area 

Overall, I find that they have good selection of food and drinks. Plus point is that, their prices are reasonably priced, as compared to many other F&B outlets. I liked how they name their juices, from Red, Green, Orange, Yellow and White, describing the colors of fruits used to derive with the juices. 

I ordered the Red Juice, which comprised of red dragonfruit, watermelon, apple and goji berries. Tasted naturally good, with dragonfruit taste being more apparent than the rest. 

Dina ordered the Yellow Juice, which comprised of passionfruit, honey pineapple, banana and lemon. Slightly sourish, this was just the right drink to open up anyone's appetite.

Red Juice. Price-RM12, Yellow Juice. Price-RM10
As starter, we took the Hokkaido Scallop and the Lychee Tartare. Just imagine yourself eating sashimi scallop, where you get to taste the largely chopped scallop, coupled with canned lychee, placed on top of lightly blend sauce, and accompanied by cuts of spring onions and fresh baby tomatoes. Refreshing offering.

Scallop and Lychee Tartare. Price-RM28
Sashimis are always welcomed by Japanese food lovers, and me being one, couldn't resist to order their bowl of rice that seemed to offer many good stuffs in one order. 

I was absolutely happy with presentation of the bowl of rice, mainly because the freshness of the fish and ingredients which seemed to brimmed onto me, and I love the combination of the colors. Natural and bright. 

Freshness indeed is the most crucial when it comes to Japanese food, and thus, this order certainly fits the bill. Generous amount and size of salmon were provided, avocado, japanese cucumbers, pickled, ikura (I just love the feeling of my tongue bursting them inside my mouth) and shreds of seaweed. The mixed texture felt by the tastebud was certainly satisfying. It ranged from crunchiness of the items, combined with softness and freshness of the fish, mixed with bits of wasabi to each bite - and all this combined, made a good bowl of rice.  

Within the rice, was the light homemade sauce which tasted just nice. Not too salty yet carried enough taste to give you a good balance of being able to taste the natural ingredients from all the good stuff that came with this order.

Salmon, Ikura and Avocado. Price-RM28

Salmon, Ikura and Avocado. Price-RM28. Upon mixed up, still look so good.

What my friend ordered was in fact very similar, with an exception of additional scallop and yellowtail fish. I love how fancy they have named this dish, the Summer Bara Chirashi Bowl. This would be much recommended for hard core fish lovers, as it had the salmon fish, salmon roe, yellowtail, and scallop as well.

Summer Bara Chirashi Bowl. Price-RM38

This place definitely calls for another visit soon, and when I stole a look at their spaghetti,, being ordered by a customer seated next to me, I have already planned in mind to have that the very next time I'll be here. 

Mei by Fat Spoon 
22G, Jalan 27/70A, 
Desa Sri Hartamas 
50480 Kuala Lumpur
Tel : 03-2300 3327

Business Hours : 11am-10pm 
Closed on : Mondays 

FB link, click here

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