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Having started its operation since 2009, Shisha Lounge has survived through its years of operation, when I see many F&B outlets has changed its operator, around the SOHO Solaris area.

I was somewhat convinced to come try food at Shisha Lounge last weekend, and was told that they served really good tasting Iranian food. In addition to this, they also served other varieties like Italian, Korean, Western like food.

I ought to say, this is one of the best food discovery, as I was almost in heaven, when I savor this one of the best tasting food I've ever tried. Hey, where have I been?

We started with the Gheymeh and Eggplant stew. Gheymeh is a Persian stew and in this option that we ordered, consist of eggplant and split peas. I love the thickness of this stew, that just goes so well with our rice. Eggplant is loved by Iranians and known as "the potato of Iran"..

Gheymeh & Eggplant Stew. Price-RM28
As part of side order to accompany our rice, we also ordered the yoghurt, that comes with small cuts of cucumber.
Yoghurt. Price-RM6
Yummeh Saffron rice..
The one photo I did not took was the saffron rice.  This was one of the best tasting rice ever. As I tried to find out a little more, I understand that Iranians has 3 methods of cooking rice. In this particular saffron rice that I tried, its parboiled rice, called 'chelo' where rice is first soaked in salted water before boiling. It is then drained and returned to the pot to be steamed. This method results in an exceptionally fluffy rice with the rice grains separated and non sticky. A big plate enough to be shared by 2 only costed us RM5. Way too reasonable. It also came with some butter for us to mix with the rice, resulting me to have continuous thought about this rice, even days after this meal I had. Oh dear! This is like I've fallen in love... with rice... *__*

A point to note, we ordered the Kebab, and the wait for a little long.. I think slightly around 20.. but but, it was definitely worth the wait, as the meat  has to be slowly barbecued, upon order.

We had the Barg Kebab which means Fillet Kebab, which is a Persian styled barbecued lamb, chicken or beef.  We ordered the beef, whereby its cut to stripes and marinated in onion and mix herbs. It was so flavorful, and with it being barbecued, the taste was even more enhanced, and the meat was so tender. A little sourish flavor that came with squeeze of lime onto the beef, alleviate the taste a little more.

Barg Kebab. Price-RM30
Being a chicken lover, we also ordered the Chicken Kebab. I'm not exaggerating if I say that this is one of the best tasting chicken that I ever tasted. Its insanely good! Again so flavorful, and the marination must have worked so well, as I totally can taste full flavor on every part of the meat.

Chicken Kebab on bone. Price-RM35
Shisha Lounge also offer performance daily, starting from 11pm.. and was told it ends around 3am. To all the late night crowd, this would be the right place to go.. And reservation is necessary for Fri-Sun, as there are huge crowd during these days.

Section for the band

Tropical setting ambiance
I can't wait to be back, again for the same food, and to try other varieties, and would definitely love to see the performance.

Shisha Lounge
Lot J-01-01 till 03
1st Floor, Soho KL,
Solaris Mont Kiara,
2 Jalan Solaris,
50480 KL
Tel :  03-6211 2338 H/P: 017 616 4043

Business Hours : 12pm-3am (however, during my 1st attempt to eat here, it wasn't open till 1pm).

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