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Met up for Chloe's farewell, as she is leaving to Shanghai soon. This was my first time to Bangsar South area, and was recommended to have lunch at S'mores by Chloe and Pacino whom work around this area.

After placing order, I was like 'hai em hai ka' (for real or not?), as their set meals come in such a reasonable price..
Each set comes with choice of drink (lychee, tea or orange juice), followed by soup, main meal accompanied by 2 side dishes (2 side dishes doesn't apply to pasta order), followed by ice-cream as dessert. Whaaaatttt a deeeeeal! I was also pleasantly surprised that the portion of the main meal was in fact, biggg...

For the drink, I liked my lychee drink.

Here's the starter for 4 of us - mushroom soup

Quickly took a shot of us for remembrance, and if its not apparent, I gotta say we were 4 souls in highly good mood, thus the great conversation. We were so relaxed, and it did not felt like, we have spent a good 3 hours, just like that..

From L : Chloe, whom is leaving to Shanghai soon; Pacino, the pro photographer; followed by me & Shereen, my BFF, the expert in mind & soul

Every of the meals ordered tasted excellent. Bet no one regretted their choice. :)

Shereen took the chicken pesto cream pasta. I tried hers... I was immediately hit with a 'wow' feeling.. or maybe a double 'wow... This creamy sauce, despite it is cream based, doesn't give the overwhelming creaminess, and the chicken was well grilled, that it brought so much flavor to the taste bud. Thumbs up for this.

Chicken Pesto Cream. Price-RM12.90+ (lunch), RM15.90 (dinner)

Chloe took the aglio olio with tuna. The tuna surely brought the right combination to the pasta. Also nice.

Aglio Olio with Tuna. Price-RM10.90+ (lunch), RM13.90 (dinner)

Pacino recommended this as a must have to me, as a 1st timer. The Australian white tuna fish was grilled to perfection. I liked the dense texture of this fish, giving me a real solid feeling. Not sure if there is such a way to describe fish. The 2 side order - corn cob was ok, however, i really liked the mash pumpkin. Healthy tasting yet yummy.

Australian White Tuna. Price-RM14.90+ (lunch), RM18.90+ (dinner)

Pacino had the Swiss Chicken Corden Bleu. I forgot to ask a bite on this, however, it really did look irresistible, when it was cut open, showing what awaits, inside this piece of chicken.

Swiss Chicken Cordon Bleu. Price-RM13.50+ (lunch), RM18.50+ (dinner)

Printed frames of picture, all over the wall.

Bar counter within the restaurant, with circles used as the main deco

Back side of the restaurant.. Sufficient seating area

S'Mores, the place to be, for good food, good price

I will very very soon be visiting S'mores for the 2nd time...

Unit G2, GF, The Sphere 1, Avenue 1,
Bangsar South 8,
Jalan Kerinchi,
59200 KL
Tel : 03-2240 0069

Business Hours :
12pm-1am (Mon-Fri), 5pm-2am (Sat), 6pm-1am (Sun)

Email : reservation@smores.com.my
Website : www.smores.com.my

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