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After shopping at SSF with empty stomach, we were 'desperate' to fill our stomach by the time we finish at 4.30pm+. Oh, Kepong is one of the area that I am so unfamiliar with. However I remember this area nearby where I went for Fei Fei Crab, quite some time ago..

Reached without any problem, and after rounding 2 rounds, spotted this pan mee shop that seemed favorable looking to us - having enough customers, at this hour of time.. (5 mins to 5pm).

When we walked in, I asked sis, why so messy, with lots of tissues on the floor. Then we realized, that was because it was their closing hour, and staffs were busy cleaning up to close for the day. We were just in time to make the 2nd last order.

They only had 3 choices - pan mee soup, pan mee dry and another more superior bowl of pan mee for sharing.

We opted for the soup and dry pan mee.

While I was eating my soup pan mee, sis immediately nodded when she took one spoon of the dry noodle. Asked her if the nodding was for the taste of the noodle, and she said, yes yes... Uh.. that got me excited to take a bite..
First I gotta try mine..
The soup, sweetness from the broth was apparent, and the soup isn't the clear clear type, as it was filled with minced pork, shallot, spinach,and mushroom.. And the pan mee texture was soooo good. It was really smooth. I liked it as it is.

Soup Pan Mee. Price-RM5

The dry pan mee version was even better.. if I said this was the best dried pan mee noodle I had, I am not exaggerating. The pan mee smoothness surely deserved a thumbs up, but it was the special thick sauce, which was so tasty that made a whole lot of difference. Wonder what is the secret recipe, but surely yummy to the max.

Dry Pan Mee. Price-RM5

Simple set up of the restaurant

Shop was closed, by 5pm...

I will definitely come back again if I am at this area. The best of all, we don't feel thirsty after this meal, which we are not sure if no MSG or minimal of it was used.

One Six Eight Pan Mee Restaurant
3-13 AA, Jalan 2/2,
Desa Aman Puri,
52100 Kepong, KL
Tel : 03-6276 5208 (May Lim)

Business Hours :
Closed on Wednesday, alternate weeks

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