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A wet Sunday... what a lovely weather to sleep-in...
Has been a while since I heard from my brother on how much he enjoyed the char siu he had at Shah Alam, thus on this lovely Sunday, we and Sam, headed to Spring Golden.

About 10 mins drive from Klang, we reached this part of Shah Alam (which I've never explored previously), and glad to see that there are still char siu for sale.. ^^

A ordinary looking shop, serving not so ordinary char siu..

We have the option to order either wan tan mee or rice, to go with our order, of char siu, roast pork and duck (they sell chicken too)...

I love just by the look of the wan tan mee when I was served... This springy and fine looking wan tan mee lived up 100% of how it looked, as I took each bite. Simply tossed with soya sauce and black sauce, this is good to eat just on its own.

My yummy-licious looking plate of wan tan mee

Oh-My-Goodness were the 3 words I uttered when I saw this plate of char siu. The caramelized taste, with slight crispy texture on some edges of these combination of fat and lean meat, were just perfect !
Indeed when I chewed this piece of meat, it has that 'melting' effect in my mouth, and the entire chunk of meat felt so soft..

Plate of irresistible char siu

The roast pork had very crispy skin, and the duck tasted good as well. Since there is a 'star-product', I suppose my taste bud were 'all-over' the char siu..

Roast Pork and Roast Duck

With a bowl of 4 pcs dumpling, the total bill came up to RM40.80 (including 2 barley drink). Considering the price of meat that isn't anywhere near cheap, I felt that this price was quite a fair one to pay.

The boss was ex-extremely friendly... we somehow were very impressed by how well articulate he is. On normal days, they are close during the evening, except for pick-up order, and for CNY, they are taking order as well (they are only close on 1st day of CNY... looks like we can even add his char siu for our reunion dinner). Their char siu is selling at RM9.50 per 100gm, and he took the time to explain to us how customers will pay differing prices each time, due to variance in char siu grammage.

Spring Garden Restaurant
25, Jalan Sepadu C,
25/C, Section 25,
Taman Perindustrian Axis,
40400 Shah Alam
Tel : 019-337 9319, 016-205 0660 (Max Lim)

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4 Response for the "Restoran Spring Golden @ Kota Kemuning"

  1. my fav char siew shop! Yums. This one looks beautifully caramelised.

  2. Lovinlife says:

    Dear Boo,

    Thanks for popping by my blog..
    Ur blog was the first food blog I visited when I first started reading blog... U r doing such a great job...

    This char siew shop will now be my fav too... ^^

  3. Enqvist says:

    the char siu taste so good, it is one of the best i ever eat before.

    ✿ 食情画意 ✿

  4. Lovinlife says:


    I agree totally... :)