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Its a bless, to be confined within CHR, as there were just so many spots to relax ourselves. This

The Dining Room, bearing a casual atmosphere for breakfast, turned into such romantic ambiance comes night. Love the lighting that enhances the romantic-ness within, and Dining Room surely sets them apart from any other dining place available at Cameron Highlands.

How do you like the very cosy and romantic ambiance?

Can't wait to do the ordering

We get to order a 3-course meal, with the YTL package, and thus, all were ordered for sharing. Got to try all 6 items. Yay!

We ordered the 'Salad of Tasmanian Crab' which is a cold dish, whereby the crab meat was prepared with lemongrass gazpacho and wrapped around by smoked salmon. Being a crab and smoked salmon lover, I totally loved this.

Salad of Tasmanian Crab. Price-RM45

Our soup was the Thai Butternut Squash. It came piping hot, this soup was seasoned with tom yam spices and scented with Kaffir lime. Has a very refreshing taste to it.

Thai Butternut Squash. Price-RM30

While waiting for the mains to come, Shereen and I were yacking away, with the friendly staff at CHR. Credit has to be given to the absolute graceful, professional yet charming, Encik Zul, Saran, a chatty and cute staff, and Janice, a trainee whom was absolutely sweet. It is the hospitality of the staffs that has indeed alleviated our experience.

Love this corner opposite our table, just by the window

Our mains came in such a well presented manner.. The 1st was the Roast Cod fish, served on a mild tasting wasabi mashed potato, fresh tomato and watercress. The fish was chunky and extremely fresh.

Roast Cod. Price-RM90

We also had the Spaghetti Oglio Olio, served with fresh prawn, crushed garlic and extra-virgin olive oil. A very simple dish that can taste so great.

We were stuff to the max by the time we were half way through the mains.. :(

Spaghetti Oglio Olio. Price-RM60

For dessert, we had the warm baked lava cake...Love this moist tasting chocolate cake, with lots of chocolate sauce, both outside, and inside... ^^ Accompanied by vanilla ice-cream, topped with caramelized sugar, a treat for the sweet tooth in us.

Warm baked lava cake. Price-RM30

We needed some kinda fruit to end the dinner, and a trip to Camerons will not be complete without indulging in strawberries. These huge size strawberries were supplied by Raju's Farm, and were sweet as it is, but its sweetness were enhanced by a dip into the cream, white chocolate and chocolate sauce provided.

Fresh strawberries from Raju's Farm. Price-RM30

Kudos to the chef for the wonderful meal prepared, and once again, thanks to all the staff that made our stay, and dining experiences such memorable one.

The Dining Room
Cameron Highlands Resort
By the Golf Course,
39000 Tanah Rata,
Cameron Highlands, Pahang

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