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Flight Meal @ Malaysia Airlines

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The pros of boarding MH flights is that we are served free meals and have extra luggage space. The best part of my latest experience of boarding MH is that I was upgraded to Business Class. Yipee..

During the flight, I was served the brunch set.

The services rendered to me was tip-top...

For drinks, I requested for teh tarik. It was foamy (just as how teh tarik should be) when I was served. It tasted good, and not too sweet. Ahh... taking slow sips of teh tarik, while watching 'The Back Up Plan'...

For starter, I was served fruit juice, yoghurt and fresh fruits... and as part of the bakery selection, took their croissant. I was then offered a mini jar of kaya by the lead steward. The kaya was really good.

For main course,opted for Nasi Lemak, rice cooked in coconut milk with lemongrass served with hard boiled eggs, anchovies, peanuts and sambal prawns. The rice was slightly wet, and anchovies a little too hard. But overall, as a flight meal, this tasted fine, and with nice tasty sambal.

For dessert, had the chocolate apricot cake, with mango sauce. The chocolate apricot cake was indeed moist, topped with thick mango sauce.

The meal I had and me, looking forward to reach my destination

After 4.5 hours, I got to see a view of Taipei, and finally, I board at the Tao Yuan International Airport.

A trip that I have been looking forward to, for quite a while now. ^<>^

View of Taipei, from above


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