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2 days before I left for Taiwan, met up with Bud, Kim & Ann for an early birthday celebration. Bud recommended this place, and since I've not tried, and I've heard so much about it, we decided to head to Betty's Midwest Kitchen. By about 7ish, the restaurant was all packed.

From the menu, gather that this restaurant will fit the pork lovers, and also, the price is reasonably priced.

The favorite of Bud and Ann was the Country Fried Chicken, thus ordered for us to try. The quarter sized chicken was fried till real crispy, and served with mashed potato (accompanied by country homemade gravy) and peas.

Country Fried Chicken. Price-RM15

For sausage lovers, this dish combines the grilled Bratwurst, Munich, Cheese and Pepper sausages, served with fries and house coleslaw. I did not particularly enjoyed this platter of sausages. It somehow lacked the aroma, and felt this was a little pricey.

Mixed Sausage Platter. Price-RM35

The baby back ribs is a popular dish here. Marinated with some special ingredients, it is then grilled to succulent tenderness. True enough.

Baby Back Ribs. Price-RM32.50

As for the side order, we went for the 'Pig-in-a-blanket', pork cocktail sausages wrapped in bacon and overcooked. This tasted ordinary enough, and I would have preferred fried bacon with the sausages.

Pig-in-a-blanket (6 pieces). Price-RM12

Another dish that was recommended to us was the Grilled Beer Braised Boston Butt. Its pork shoulder braised in beer for 3 to 4 hours, sliced and grilled. The meat was extremely moist.

Grilled Beer Braised Boston Butt. Price-RM27.50

The girls - Kim and Ann

Me & Bud

It was a dinner we had with mixed feelings. As much as we'd like to have a great birthday dinner celebration, it was also the 2nd day that grandma of Bud, and Ann being admitted to hospital, due to difficulty in breathing.
Wish her speedy recovery.

Betty's Midwest Kitchen
A-G-40 Jalan PJU 1/43,
Aman Suria Damansara,
47301 Petaling Jaya
Tel : 03-7880 0196
Email : reserve@midwestkitchen.com.my
URL : midwestkitchen.com.my

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