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Shimino @ Ikano Power Centre, PJ

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We, the locals, now are able to get a taste of Harajaku (Harajuku is located between Shinjuku and Shibuya, a fashion capital of the world renowned for unique street fashion). For this post, I am definitely not talking about fashion, but food. Thanks to Shimino that brought in the original crepe, which originated from Harajuku.

Shimino first started operation in Feb 2010, where it is a kiosk located at Ikano Power Centre, in between Uncle Lim and the post office. Since then, its concept has been restored, from an 'oranje' looking kiosk to now, a more vibrant kiosk, filled with pink color, brand name ie. Shimino that stood out with use of bling bling lighting and the revive is made possible by the new refreshing concept that is just so 'kawaii'. It somehow made me imagine on how it will be like on the street of Harajaku.
Btw, my imagination was 'assisted' by the video that was playing on the tv screen placed here. The video was showing long queue of customers at the kiosk, and the customers enjoying the crepe. The crepes are indeed very popular amongst the Japanese.

Totally in love with the concept

Overall, Shimino kiosk - eye catchy..Especially love the huge heart shaped fabric material placed at the side of the kiosk which spells out "Harajuku Japanese Crepes".

Shimino kiosk

After few minutes of admiring the kiosk, its time to do the ordering. So many different types of crepes that caught my attention. Some fillings available include kiwi, mandarin orange, red bean, few flavours of ice-cream... .
Thrown the question to Jo, my ex-employer, whom is now 1 of the business owner of Shimino, on what are the more popular crepes. Was told its mango with honey, and the chocolate cake and banana crepe. I opted for the latter.

Varieties that range from A to Q, with price that ranges from RM6.90 to RM9.90 per crepe

The mixed batter was spread thinly and evenly on the hot pan (was told that the hot pan was flown in from Japan), and upon the crepe being ready, the staff use the knife to hold/hang the crepe, and upon which, she swing the crepe a bit, in order to reduce the heat. This is so that to welcome the whipped cream to be added. ^-^ All crepe comes with whipped cream. The other filling for my order was cuts of chocolate cake, banana, nuts and chocolate sauce.

The staff preparing my crepe

Frankly, I was swallowing my saliva, as I can't wait to savour this cone looking crepe of mine. It is easy for me to fall in love, when it comes to food.. LOL, and I was definitely feeling 'that' kinda love when I took the first bite.
It was really soft, yet solid enough to hold all the filling together. And the 'secret recipe', apart from the batter, ought to be the whipped cream. It tasted milky, with a real smooth texture, which enhances the overall taste of this chocolate cake and banana crepes.

If one would like to have a light meal, this 1 crepe would have been the answer, or those who still have stomach space for dessert after a meal, this crepe proves to be not that filling afterall. It works, either way!!

Chocolate Cake and Banana Crepe. Price-RM7.90

Me & Jo, at Shimino's kiosk. The crepes held high - cheers!! Hehe... Congratulation to the business owners!

On my next visit here, ordered the mango crepe. Tasted really good! The mango tasted so sweet, and its flesh was indeed firm in texture, and something tells me that it was definitely the more expensive mango grade used.

Fresh Mango with Honey. Price-RM8.90

My 2 nieces - also lovin it..They agreed to take 1 bite each.. The joy of sharing... hehe..

Shimino has opened its 2nd kiosk at Pavillion, near to the cinema, in June 2010. Moving forward, we will definitely get to see more of Shimino's kiosks opening.

Shimino Japanese Crepes
LG Floor, Ikano Power Centre (By the main escalators, between Uncle Lim & post office),
No 2 Jalan PJU7/2,
Mutiara Damansara,
47800 PJ

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