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There are surely many popular fish head mee hoon around Klang Valley, and just by listening to the name 'Man Sifu', it somehow carry a little weight. The 'master' sure has got something to prove.

Remus whom stays nearby here, highly high recommended this place. His craving added with his eagerness to bring us here, made my journey here full of anticipation.

Occupying space of 2 shop lot, Man Sifu Ent. is real spacious, with cleanliness maintained well.

Display on each table is this welcome note, with customization made possible for each both bowl of its fish head noodle, whereby customers are able to chose if they would like more or less of the wine, creamer, mee hoon (fyi, no other types of noodles served) and salted vegetable used.

In order to serve customer better..

There are various types of soup broth that are available here - ranging from the original, tom yam soup, herbal soup, bittergourd soup... Interesting.. Its menu also listed neatly the combination of noodles available, where the usual selection, eg. fish paste, fish head, sotong ball or combination of these, cost RM7.50 for original/tom yam soup, or RM8 for herbal/bittergourd soup.

The guys chose the original soup, which comes with creamer, salted vege and chinese wine. This was in fact a real tasty, and creamy bowl of fish head mee hoon. The heavy chinese wine used was also very apparent in the soup. And it also has 2 generous big pieces of fish ('ling' fish), which has a lot of flesh and was extremely fresh.

Fish Head Mee Hoon. Price-RM7.50

I opted for the fish paste and fish head meehoon in herbal soup. Once I sipped the soup, the strong aromatic herbal medicine, kicked in. This is definitely for the herbal soup lovers. Fish paste has this bouncy texture, whilst the extremely fresh fish head gave the firm texture. The wolfberry used in the soup also added sweetness to this bowl of noodle.

Fish paste and fish head meehoon, in herbal soup. Price-RM8

We also ordered side dish - the fried pork belly for sharing. Real crispy on the outside, yet the meat inside maintained its tenderness and juiciness. It also had this aromatic smell which resulted from the spices used for marination.

Fried Pork Belly. Price-RM5.80

Can't wait to bring my family members here to try out this delicious fish head noodle.

Map to Man Sifu Enterprise :

Man Sifu Enterprise
59 & 61 Jalan 1/149J,
Bandar Baru Seri Petaling,
57000 Kuala Lumpur
Tel : 03-9056 1128 / 012-259 2787

Business Hours :

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