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Hot Chocolate @ Damansara Heights

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A special reason for dinner that evening brought me and a friend to Hot Chocolat Cafe, which is located very near to my office, in the vicinity of the Damansara Heights housing area.

The mushroom soup was presented in a rather special way, where it was filled in a rounded bread.

Mushroom Soup. Price-RM8

With such one-of-a-kind presentation, we expected a much better tasting homemade soup. It somehow tasted like can cooked soup.

Opening the soup 'cover'

We ordered the Pollo Funghi, tomato based cooked with mushroom and chicken. With the slightly coarse feeling spaghetti texture, and a little too sourish spaghetti sauce, this was a rather disapointment to us.

Pollo Funghi Spaghetti. Price-RM15

The deboned chicken thigh marinated and top with black pepper sauce and mushroom was also a dish we didn't enjoy. The sauce was thick, yet lack the aromatic-ness, and its fries seems to come from those frozen fries.

Black and Pepper Chicken. Price-16

The better tasting was the chocolate with ice-cream dessert - the heated chocalate cake was really moisture on the inside, covered with thick chocolate, and vanilla ice-cream. Yummy. Oh, bet the ice-cream is from Nestle, as the entire restaurant is branded with Nestle - La Cremeria ice-cream, including the nameboard. Felt its a little over-done.

Chocolate cake with ice-cream. Price-RM10.90

Perhaps I was attempting to make a scary pose, with my tongue jutted out, and under such lighting

The Hot Chocolat Cafe Sdn Bhd
25, Lorong Setia Bistari 2,
Medan Damansara,
Damansara Heights,
50490 KL.
Tel : 03-2093 9133 / 012-370 0463

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