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Bubba Gump @ Sunway Pyramid

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It was through MSN, 'Hi babe', replied with 'Hi Ms SK, planning to ask me out?' replied with 'Yes, let's meet', which took us both to Pyramid last night. Hassle-free. LOL. Decided to meet at Pyramid, and since we have both been to Bubba Gump and liked it, we didn't mind having that again, so that we could try out its other offerings.

Mai - Yes, someone has been very busy with her BB lately

For drinks, she ordered the Speckled Strawberry, lemonade drink, whilst I opted for Blueberry Smoothie, the blueberry, strawberry with vanilla frozen yoghurt.

Love the logo of the cute prawn. From L : Speckled Strawberry. Price-RM11.90, Blueberry Smoothie. PriceRM11.90

For the night, we order 2 appetizers to satisfy our taste bud. As we were both prawn lovers, we opted for the 'Shrimper Catch-3', size of the 3/4 pound. We had the option of either cajun spice or garlic, or both. Went for both. Both of us truly love this. The portion with cajun sauce was oily, but minus that, it was lovely. The garlic was the more preferred option, as it has the strong garlicy taste, with slight saltiness. Nice. Plus most important of all, the prawns were fresh, and the reasonable portion of prawns for the price.

Shrimper Catch-3 : 1/2 cajun, 1/2 garlic. Price-RM27.90

The other recommended item was the 'Run Across America Sampler' which combines the Nachos, which was plain and healthy, thus not too tasty, Chilly Shrimp, which was plain prawns to be dipped with chilli sauce, Hush Pups, which was the creamy bake cheese which has some vege in it, and was pretty tasty, spicy Chicken strips, which has a strong sauce with it, however, found it too salty, and Fried Shrimp which was well coated with batter, and fried. Nice. However from the overall that we tried from the sampler, we love the fried prawns and the hush pups. The rest, so so only.

Run Across America Sampler. Price-RM43.90

Mai and I. Still holding her BB. LOL

I think that I found rather 'amazing' was that the staffs here were rather anxious to clear our plates, before we were done. After being asked the 5th time from different staff on the floor, I just had to say 'yes , please clear'. Was it us that ate too slow, or we were not supposed to be chatting through before finishing all our food. ^-^

We were really full, but still decided to order their Bread Pudding. The bread has a strong cinammon taste, accompanied by vanilla ice-cream and whipped cream. Though its not a dessert to die for, the overall taste was alright. And felt the price is rather reasonable.

Mama Bread Pudding. Price-RM12.90

We had a great time catching up, and glad that this sweet friend of mine share my love for taking self-portraits. ^-^

Me and Mai outside Bubba Gump, Sunway Pyramid

A snap of us, before parting

For my earlier post on Bubba Gump, here's the link

Bubba Gump Restaurant
Oasis Boulevard,
Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall.
Tel : 03-5638 4559

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