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Yishenshu @ Bandar Bukit Tinggi

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When Fei was back about 2 weeks ago, we had family dinner together, and for a change, decided to head to a newly opened branch of the Yishenshu vegetarian chain (originated from Kampar) at our neighbourhood @ near BBT One at Bukit Tinggi.

At times my mind goes blank having to think of restaurant with nice ambient around my neighbourhood, but I was pleasantly surprised by the cosy and 'upclass' deco of the restaurant.

Me and my sis made the order the other night - got rather excited ordering all types of vegetarian 'meat' dishes. Hehe..

This vegetarian 'duck' that tasted a little like 'char siu' was really good, and to be eaten, wrapped together in the bun.

Teriyaki Vege Duck Bun. Price-RM20

We love the emperor tofu (it was golden yellow inside), topped with vegetarian minced meat. I like the texture which was at the right level of softness.

Emperor Tofu. Price-Rm22

The broccoli fried with mushroom was also a favorite. Gravy to go with rice - yummy.

Broccoli Braised Mushroom. Price-RM22

The sweet and sour 'fish' was THE favorite for all of us. It was fried till real fragrant, and cooked together with the sweet sour sauce, appetizing.

Sweet n Sour Vege Fish. Price-RM28

This was my personal favorite. I love the 'chicken', due to the especially fragrant butter smell, and the 'chicken' was fried till real crispy.

Milky Butter Vege Chicken. Price-Rm22

Another dish that we missed out taking picture is the Special Vege Rendang Mutton, priced at RM22. This was something different for us, as we don't usually take mutton. The sambal used in the rendang was really tasty and fragrant.

We took the opportunity to celebrate early birthday for my sis. A supposedly surprise birthday celebration was 'leaked out' by my niece, Qi, when she asked everyone to sing birthday song before we even took the cake out, and when my sis asked who's birthday, she innocently answered 'mummy lor'.

Me, Yao, Qi & Wen

A group photo together

Yishensu - Vegetarian Connoisseur
B12A-1-1 & B12-1-1
BBT One, Lebuh Batu Nilam 2,
Bandar Bukit Tinggi,
41200 Klang
Tel : 03-3325 1015

Business Hours :
10am-3pm, 5.30-10.30pm (Daily)



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