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Enjoy Food. Enjoy Life.

Was at CapSquare for a meeting a while ago. This was my 1st visit to CapSquare, and together with Kelly and Justin, we headed to Starbucks for discussion.

Today marks Starbucks 11th Anniversary - and all outlets were giving out free tall black coffee, at 11am (not sure up till what time, or perhaps its while stock last). 11 years in Malaysia!!

I love being in Starbucks, especially during the Christmas season, as there will be little deco items here and there, plus their merchandises sold especially during Christmas.

Taken from The Garden branch. Lovely and cute Christmas bears, dressed up in Santa/Santarian costume

Starbucks coffee need no introduction, as they purchase and roast high quality whole bean coffee and each cup is freshly brewed. For a hang-out place, over a cup of coffee, Starbucks is one of my favorite.

Inside Starbucks

Walk-ins, to enjoy a cup of free coffee today

Was hesitant at first to snap pictures around, as this was my 1st meeting (though casual) with a client. However, I ended up doing so. Guess its best to be myself.. Hehe.

My cup of free coffee. This was taken after my purchased cup of ice tazo lemonade.

Christmas tree, with Starbucks bear as ornament


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