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Restoran Haeun Khon @ Amcorp Mall, PJ

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I initially plan to check out the Big Bad Wolf book sales myself after work at Amcorp, and by the time I finished work, 2 Bengs (BENG Suan and BENG Geok) decided to join me. Yipee...After the sales, I suggested to checked out this restaurant that serves 3 different kind of cuisines namely Korean, Taiwanese, Chinese restaurant at the 3rd Floor of Amcorp (as I saw it was really crowded when I was there during one of the Saturdays).

This turned out to be a right choice afterall. We all enjoyed the food here.. *<>*

Korean dolls dressed in traditional clothing

The BBQ chicken set comes with 3 side dishes, a soup, and fruit. The BBQ chicken was really one of the best tasting chicken we've tried. It was so well marinated, that each bite of the chicken feels gratifying. They must have marinated the chicken with 'secret' spices, and like the slightly sweet taste of the chicken. This BBQ chicken is definitely a must-try.

BBQ Chicken Set. Price-RM13.90

We swapped our initial choice of Japanese pizza which requires 45 mins to prepare to this Japanese udon instead. Once this plate of udon was placed on the table, the aromatic smell already made my saliva drooling. Apart from it taste good, we were also quite pleased with the real big serving. The bonito flakes and seaweed topped this plate of udon, which was cooked together with chicken meat, prawns and vege.

Japanese Yaki Udon. Price-RM14.90

I love to try the chicken ginseng soup whenever I visit a Korean restaurant. This ginseng chicken has real mild taste of ginseng, that we can hardly taste the ginseng, however, the overall taste of the soup was good. It is not too watery, and the glutinous rice was boiled till real soft.

Samkyeh Tang. Gingseng Chicken Soup. Price-RM16.90

Presenting the 2 Bengs - Beng Geok, myself, and Beng Suan

Any time I am craving for simple Korean food, I'm sure to head to Hauen Khon now onwards. Liked the fact that set meals are available.

Restoran Haeun Khon
Lot 336 & 363, 3rd Floor,
Amcorp Mall.
Tel : 03-7957 2181

Business Hours :
12nn-3pm, 6-1opm (Tue-Sun)
Closed on Mondays

(My actual visit here : 011209. Total Bill-RM58.80)

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