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Cendol @ Bukit Rambai, Malacca

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There's just something about Malacca that makes me want to return here. Managed to 'tumpang' Janis's visit home to her hometown, finally! The trip turned out to be a great makan-makan and photography trip.

It was a real hot afternoon

Janis and her brother subtly "protest" when I said I want to have the 'famous' cendol from this seemingly 'popular' shop that sells cendol and assam laksa along Jonker Street. They can't wait to bring me to try this lady's cendol at Bukit Rambai.

One part of the home turned 'business area' for the cendol fans

She is a pure Nyonya, whom operates the cendol business all by herself. This cendol stall is only open on Saturdays (its pretty obvious that she doesn't work for the money) and she operates the business right at her own yard. The fact that this isn't located within a busy commercialized area, yet, customers were coming in non-stop, made me can't wait for my bowl of cendol to arrive. The customers were mainly locals, and most were nice enough to self-service, by collecting the cendol on their own.

Putting the shaved ice onto the bowl

The shaved ice was really smooth, and just by mixing it for secs, it melted, and blended well with the bowl of starch noodle with green food coloring, palm sugar, red beans and coconut milk.

Bowl of cendol. Price-RM1.50

The green starch noodle is apparently supplied by the lady's brother, whom supplied to several cendol sellers in Malacca. Can really taste that these were freshly made, and just love the fragrant pandan smell, and this lady also used real thick and pure coconut milk.

Yummy bowl of cendol

If you ask the local for this Nyonya lady's cendol at Bukit Rambai, they should be able to direct you. *<>*

(My actual visit here : 171009)

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